Finding Your Installation ID

Every merchant has their own installation ID. The ID is a 6 digit number that identifies who a transaction belongs to. (It tells the payment gateway "This transaction belongs to my company and should be deposited into my account".)

Log into your RBS WorldPay control panel using the link below. You should have your login and password on file. If not contact technical support at 800-661-7079 and ask them to reset the login and password for your account. The login and password will be delivered by email.

Account Login:

The images below will show you where to click in your control panel to find your installation ID.

Step 1 - Click the Installations Link

Finding your RBS WorldPay installation ID

Step 2 - Find Your Installation ID

Finding your RBS WorldPay installation ID

If you need assistance contact technical support at:

RBS WorldPay Support

If you prefer you may contact your dedicated account representative.

Toll Free Phone: 888.414.7111

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