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Online Payment Processing: Canada's leading merchant account provider for multi-currency payment processing since 2001.

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E-commerce Payment Processing

I need credit card processing for my website

Process Visa, MasterCard and AMEX on your website. Integrating is easy and you can get started quickly.

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Virtual Terminal

I need to process phone, fax and mobile payments

Process Visa, MasterCard and AMEX payments using your computer, laptop or mobile device.

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Credit card processing that's easy to setup for Canadian (and international) businesses.

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In order to accept credit cards you need a merchant account, and a payment gateway. We provide a complete solution that includes the merchant account and payment gateway, so that you'll receive everything needed to process credit cards online.

This includes e-commerce processing for your website, a virtual terminal so you can collect credit cards by phone (process them using your computer), online invoice payments, and recurring billing payments. It's a one-stop solution with complete coverage of all possible ways to process credit cards.

USD, GBP, EUR? Exotic currencies? Not a problem!

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If you need to process credit cards in USD or foreign currencies but are incurring currency conversion fees we can help.

We have, by far and away, the most expertise in Canada in the field of multi-currency processing. Since the requirements for multi-currency processing are very specific for each business, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your situation.

What is a merchant account?

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A merchant account is required in order to process credit cards. It's a special type of bank account that is used to receive funds from credit card transactions. Each time you process a credit card the money is moved from your customers Visa or Mastercard into your merchant account. When that transaction occurs a cost is incurred that is called the "discount rate" fee. The discount rate is main cost associated with credit card processing, and it's why choosing the right merchant account provider is important when it comes to getting lower processing fees for your business.

Why does the merchant account make such a big difference in terms of processing costs?

Your merchant account provider will set the rates that you pay for each transaction processed. The higher the volume of credit cards that you process, the more important lower processing fees become to your business. (Our low rates are something we take great pride in!)

How does a merchant account work?

When people use their credit card, they don't often consider how the funds flow from their Visa or Mastercard account to the merchant. That is where the merchant account comes in. Each time a customer pays, money is transferred from their card issuing bank (on their Visa or Mastercard) to your merchant account. Once received into your merchant account, the funds are then transferred into your regular business bank account. Together with the payment gateway, it is one of the two critical components of a credit card transaction.

What is a payment gateway?

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We also provide you with a payment gateway, which is the second component of a credit card processing solution. Where the merchant account is used to receive and hold money, the payment gateway is how you go about asking the card issuing bank to approve a transaction. An e-commerce website will send transaction requests to a payment gateway. It sounds complicated, but it's just the technical "thing" that you use, or that your website integrates into, in order to make transaction requests.

We include the merchant account, and the payment gateway, which together are a complete solution with everything needed to process credit cards. (In some cases you may have a preferred 3rd party gateway such as, which we can support as well).

Choose your preferred payment gateway.

We include the merchant account and payment gateway together as a bundled solution because it's everything you need to process payments. However, some merchants use specific software that requires a certain type of special integration. That's why we also support many popular payment gateway options such as NMI, or If you already have an existing or preferred gateway integration it won't pose a problem. This helps to make implementing or migrating your payments to our processing service much easier because it reduces the possibility of technical or compatibility issues.

Quick and easy approval of your merchant account application.

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You can be approved to begin processing in less than a week. We've worked with thousands of merchants in Canada over the past 21 years and have refined our application process to be as easy as possible.

You'll receive end-to-end support with a dedicated account manager as a central point of contact for help on any issue. Migrating to a new payment processor shouldn't have to be a challenge, and your dedicated representative will ensure the process is as easy and stress free as possible.

Payment processing with simple and honest pricing.

Simple and clear pricing contract icon.It's our belief that pricing should be simple, honest and easy to understand. We work constantly to educate merchants about interchange and are huge advocates for honest pricing. This is the foundational belief of our business, it's in our mission statement, and has remained that way since we first started providing merchant services more than 20 years ago.

If you have questions about discount rates, interchange, cross border fees, currency or foreign exchange fees (or anything related to the costs associated with online payments) don't hesitate to contact us.

What's involved? How do I set it up?

Credit card processing on a computer icon.It's easy to accept credit cards. Start by reviewing our rates to determine which package is best for you, and then submit your application form online. When your application is received a review will be completed within a few business days. Upon completion of the review you'll receive an email with your account credentials and access to the payment system.

At that point you'll have access to the virtual terminal and can begin processing orders. If you have an online business you'll also be able to integrate your website to enable e-commerce payments.

Need Help? Just try to stump us!

Most important of all, remember that we're here to help. We realize that implementing credit card payments on an e-commerce website can seem overwhelming. There are no bad or silly questions. Whether you're in the planning stages to find a simple credit card processing solution in Canada, or are researching to find a complex multi-currency / cross border payments solution and need advice, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you have.

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