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Pre-Application Checklist

When searching to find the company that is best suited to provide a merchant account for your business, you MUST be sure to ask the right questions.

Below you will find a list of the critical questions that you must ask when researching to find your merchant account provider, along with a listing of our answers to these questions.

Q)Are there any hidden fees or non-qualified charges?
A) Merchant There are absolutely no hidden charges. In particular, a unique and valuable aspect of our service is we have the ability to provided blended rates so there are no transaction downgrades or non-qualified charges. With this method of pricing your discount rate will never fluctuate or increase. Or you can choose to receive "interchange passthrough" pricing that will tie your rate directly to the true bank cost on every transaction. These unique aspects of our service provide tremendous cost savings while at the same time providing pricing that is honest, clear and easy to understand. Our entire business model is built around transparent pricing and a relationship built on trust with our clients.
Q) Is the payment gateway included?
A)Merchant Yes the real time payment gateway is included.
Q) Are transactions approved in real time?
A)Merchant Yes transactions are processed and approved in real time.
Q) Is U.S. or Canadian incorporation required?
A)Merchant Canadian or U.S incorporation is not required. Any legal business entity will qualify - This includes corporations, proprietorships, partnerships, and non-profit organizations. All that you need is a business bank account in the country in which your business is located.
Q) What currencies can I accept payment in?
A)Merchant Payment can be accepted in almost any currency from around the world.
Q) How long does it take to be approved?
A) Merchant 5 business days.
Q) What is involved in the application process?
A) Merchant After filling out our online pre-application form, you will download a few short documents that must be completed. It is extremely short and simple -- you can be fully approved and processing in just 5 business days.
Q) Is there anything else needed?
A)Merchant No, there is nothing else required. We do not require business plans or any complicated paperwork for approval.
Q) Are there any rolling reserves?
A) Merchant By default there are absolutely no holdbacks or rolling reserves. In some cases where a merchant trades a particularly high volume of transactions, or if a higher risk product or service is offered the underwriters may request a reserve. This is rare and applies to less than 5% of our clients. In these cases we will work with you to come up with a solution that will satisfy our risk requirements and at the same time work with your business model so that it will not be an imposition on your business.
Q) How long is money from transactions held back?
A)Merchants can choose to receive their funds every day (daily funding) or once per week (weekly funding). The default funding schedule is daily funding. For more information on the funding schedules visit this page with answers to financial questions.
Q) Where can I find a detailed listing of your rates? (Pricing information)
A)Merchant You will find an overview of our service, and a listing of our rates by clicking here.