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Credit Card Processing: What You Get

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Process e-commerce payments on your website. Accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

We provide everything needed to process Visa, MasterCard and American Express payments. You can process e-commerce orders on your website, by phone, and also recurring billing and secure card storage (tokenization). There is no programming needed and you can begin accepting payments immediately.

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virtual terminal

Collect Payments by Phone
(Using a Virtual Terminal)

We also include a virtual terminal so you can securely process credit cards using your computer. It's simple and there is no hardware to purchase. The virtual terminal is included for free for all of our customers.

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Online Invoice Payments

You can start collecting online invoice payments, with no programming required. We handle the setup so you can begin taking payments immediately. Best of all, it's included at no additional charge as a standard part of our processing service.

So many ways to collect credit card payments!

Do you have an e-commerce website? See compatible shopping cart software, payment gateways, integration information, or contact us for integration questions.

multi-currency processing

Process Payments In Foreign Currencies

  • Sell to customers from around the world.
  • USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, AUD and other currencies.
  • Receive deposits directly in the currency of your choice.

We support over 200 different payment currencies such as CAD, USD, GBP, EUR, AUD and JPY. Most payment processors allow you to accept payments in a single currency. Our multi-currency capability gives you a much greater degree of flexibility.

Multi-Currency Processing

Administration Features (Refunds, Reports, etc)


You'll be provided access to an online administrative dashboard. In here you can issue refunds, view and download reports, process orders taken over the phone, and can even subsequently bill repeat customers.

Merchant statements, customized reports for import into your accounting platform and all of your day to day administrative tasks can be done through the dashboard. Contact us if you'd like a demo or walkthrough of the dashboard.


Lower payment processing rates for e-commerce merchants

  • Strategically lower your interchange and processing costs
  • No setup or monthly fees
  • Lower rates for large / high-volume merchants
  • Charity rate for non-profit organizations

You will benefit from our cost optimization expertise when processing payments online or over the telephone. Our secret to lower rates when compared to other merchant services providers is accomplished by drilling into the various ways that your business interacts with your customers.

For example, we are able to lower processing costs by capitalizing on lower interchange fees in different regions and situations. Or for another example, if your business processes recurring payments you should be receiving a lower rate on each recurring transaction. Many merchants are unaware of issues like this, and most payment processors do not have the staff resource or expertise to help merchants implement payments in the most efficient way possible. If you require a cost optimization strategy (and especially if you process payments internationally), there is simply no other payment processor in Canada that can match our expertise in this field.

In the past 23 years we've lowered costs for thousands of merchants in Canada and across the globe. Contact us to discuss how we can lower payment processing costs for your business.

flexible integration

Flexible Integration Options

  • Compatible with most shopping carts
  • Custom integration support
  • Avoid cardholder data to reduce PCI issues

Compatible with most existing shopping cart platforms

You can use any shopping cart software with our service because we able to support a huge number of payment gateway platforms. One of our unique advantages is that we connect to more banks and payment gateways than almost any other payment processor. (Including in Canada, USA, Europe, and Asia/Pacific). You are free to choose any shopping cart software you like, and because we tie into so many payment gateways you should never have to worry about integration.

If there is a particular shopping cart software you want to use please see our list of compatible shopping carts, or contact our support team to discuss your plans and they will confirm compatibility.

Custom Integration: Support and Documentation

You can build a custom integration into our payment gateway platforms. We offer access to more than one payment gateway platform because we support a huge range of processing currencies in different countries. There is no singular gateway in existence that can satisfy every currency, payment type and country. For that reason our clients receive access to a wide range of payment gateway platforms in the USA, Canada and Europe.

Integration documentation can't be provided until we determine which gateway platform you will connect to. We have many to choose from, and the cost of the payment gateway is fully included in our rates so you will not incur any extra fees from the payment gateway. If you already have a gateway in mind you'd like to use contact us to confirm if it is compatible. We support most globally recognized payment gateway platforms. (NMI, WorldPay, PSiGate,, NetBilling, etc.)

In terms of integration methods we support both direct API methods of integration, as well as redirects and overlay integrations which help reduce the PCI compliance scope of your project. Test accounts are available upon request. Our support team can help you pick the best gateway platform best suited for your situation.

PCI Compliance Issues? No Problem

Merchants of all sizes are realizing that it's easier in many cases to avoid touching cardholder data. Our billing platforms are designed to give you the ability to "push" the collection of the credit card number onto our systems so that you can avoid dealing with sensitive cardholder data (and still be seamless to your customers from a look and feel perspective). Or, you can retain total control over all aspects of the checkout process. The choice is up to you.

We are happy to help you with any questions about PCI compliance concerns or the integration methods that are available. Contact us with any questions or get a test account.

quick approval process

Quick and Easy to Setup

You can complete the online application form in about 10 minutes time.

Upon completion you'll be assigned a dedicated account manager who will help you through the setup process. Once your submission is received the approval can be issued in as little as 24 hours.


Canadian, U.S and International Business May Apply

In addition to assisting Canadian and U.S based clients, we can support international merchants with businesses located in the UK, Europe, Australia and other countries around the world. Any type of legal business entity can be approved including charities, proprietorships and corporations.

Recurring Billing

We offer free access to a data vault / recurring billing platform. Some merchants need recurring billing but do not want to store sensitive credit card data because of the PCI compliance issues that it raises. We offer tokenized recurring billing at no additional charge. You can do automatic recurring billing, or can send subsequent 1-off transactions at any point in time. You control the billing, we just reduce the PCI burden by reducing your touchpoints with cardholder data.


We include support for pre-authorization functionality as a free and standard part of the service.

You can place a hold on your customers credit card without actually collecting the funds. This is popular in industries such as hotel bookings or car reservations. It's also useful when you want to hold funds while checking available inventory, or in other situations where you are not ready to ship an order but want assurance that funds will be available in in the future.

security important

SECURITY - Important To Your Business And Your Customers!

  • Industry leading anti-fraud features
  • AVS, CVV, velocity checks, geographic IP checks
  • Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode

Security should never be an afterthought, as it is on the forefront of your customers minds. If your customers do not feel safe, they will not buy.

Working with Merchant, you will get a processing solution that utilizes the most advanced security features available. This includes AVS (address verification), Verified by Visa and CVV2 (3 digit security code check). There is great value and peace of mind in knowing that you have taken the proper steps, ensuring the safety and security of your customers information.

Verified by Visa and MasterCard Securecode

Every online business needs a strategy to combat fraudulent orders. For some businesses this is a small concern because they offer low risk products or services that do not typically attract fraudsters.

For other businesses you may need advanced anti-fraud tools. Our system supports Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, which are the strongest layers of protection that merchants can currently employ. If you get a Verified by Visa authenticated transaction it means that the cardholder should not be able claim fraud or unauthorized use of their card. If they do you will win a chargeback dispute. This is a huge layer of protection to business owners. If you sell a high risk product we strongly encourage you to utilize these tools which are available to you, especially as we include them at no extra cost (many other merchant account providers charge extra fees for Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode).

alternative Payments Globe

Alternative Payments

Alternative payments are methods of payment which are not traditional Visa, MasterCard or American Express payments. In most industrialized countries Visa and MasterCard payments are the strongly predominant way of taking payments online. However, in some developing countries credit cards are not as readily available and other methods of payments have become popular. As an example, in Brazil a popular local payment type is called Boleto.

If you are targeting international customers alternative payment methods may become an important part of your roadmap to success. Many merchants need help when it comes to determining the alternative methods of payments that are popular in the countries you are targeting. Furthermore, even with an understanding of what you need it is often difficult to setup and establish a solution for accepting these payment methods. We are able to help your business accept most popular methods of alternative payments in a majority of countries around the world. Contact us to discuss your alternative payments requirements.

mega phone

The best dedicated customer support - Seriously!

When implementing credit card transactions on your website, it is extremely important to have access to professionals who will take the time to answer your questions, and help you when you need help.

Every one of our clients is assigned a dedicated account representative. Your representative will become your central point of contact, offering ongoing support and assistance with all e-commerce related issues for the lifetime of your account.

Each account manager is an e-commerce industry consultant and specialist, with the ability and authority to help you whenever an issue arises. This close working relationship is a unique aspect of our service, and provides accountability and problem solving when you need it.

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