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The FAQ is separated into the following categories:

bullet point colored chevron orange   General Questions

bullet point colored chevron orange   Technical Questions

bullet point colored chevron orange   Financial & Settlement Questions

bullet point colored chevron orange   Virtual Terminal Payments

General Questions

Why Merchant Do I receive everything I need to accept credit cards? Which credit cards can I accept? What is a merchant account? How much does this cost? Why is an application needed to get a merchant account? What's involved in submitting an application? How long does it take to get approved? Will my application be approved? What is your approval guarantee? Do I need to be incorporated in Canada or the USA for approval? Can international merchants get a merchant account? Do you have a Reseller or Partner Program?

Financial & Reporting Questions

Where can I find a listing of the rates? How often are deposits sent into my bank account? What type of reporting is available? How do I perform a refund? What currencies can I take payments in? Do you provide interchange optimization services? When is the transaction processed? Is a security deposit or rolling reserve required for approval of my application? Will this work with my regular business bank account? Is there a chargeback fee? Will my company name appear on my customers credit card statement?

E-commerce Payments & Technical Questions

How does e-commerce work? How do I start collecting payments online? Can I build a direct integration to the payment gateway? Where can I find the technical documentation? What 3rd party payment gateways do you support? What shopping carts are compatible? Can I Add 'Buy Now' Buttons To My Website? Do You Have an Online Invoicing Solution? Is recurring (repeat) billing supported? Is a shopping cart necessary to accept payment online? Is a virtual terminal included for telephone, mail and fax orders? Do you provide case studies of featured clients? What are your recommended e-commerce best practices? What should I know about security? What security features are used to detect and prevent fraud? Is Verified by Visa supported? What is SSL (Secure Socket Layer)? Do I need SSL on my webserver? How stable and reliable is your payment system?

Virtual Terminal Payments

What is a virtual terminal? How does the virtual terminal work? Can I process mobile payments with the virtual terminal? Is the virtual terminal secure? Is automatic / recurring billing supported with the virtual terminal? Do I need a website in order to use the virtual terminal? If I start with a virtual terminal, can I later add e-commerce payments to my website? What is the difference between using a virtual terminal and a POS system? Can I see a screenshot of the virtual terminal? Where can I find more information about the virtual terminal?

Company History & Contact Information

Where can I find your contact information? Where can I find company history and information about Merchant