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About Credit Card Acceptance: What you Need to Know

In the next few pages you will find more in-depth information about how to get a merchant account for your business so that you can accept credit cards on your website. It will show you what to watch out for when applying for a merchant account, how to get the best rates, and how to properly implement and leverage credit card transactions to maximize your results and generate the greatest profits possible.

This article has been written by David Goodale, CEO at Merchant, and an industry expert with over 23 years experience specializing in online commerce. The information David shares is invaluable to any business that currently accepts, or plans to accept credit cards online.

Some of the topics he covers are:

•   How to get the best rates possible
•   Commonly made mistakes that cost merchants thousands of dollars in lost revenue
•   How to leverage credit card acceptance to maximize your sales
•   How to spot misleading information when shopping for a merchant account provider
•   Why Canadian merchants often don't get good rates - and how to avoid this problem

That is just some of the information David touches on. The article finishes with a list of questions that you must ask your potential merchant account provider before applying for your account. We are providing this information so that you can confidently go about the process of getting a merchant account for your business without the difficulty, expense or learning curve many merchants have had to go through in the past.

In terms of ROI, nothing compares to credit card acceptance for increasing sales, profits and productivity. By understanding the issues, pitfalls, and advantages of credit card acceptance, you can put these tools, strategies and techniques to work for you so that you can maximize your sales and get the most out of your website.

Every cent you have invested in your website will be wasted unless you turn your website visitors into CUSTOMERS.

Credit card acceptance is arguably the most significant investment that an internet based business can make to ensure it's continued growth and success. Done correctly it can increase your sales more than any other tool, design, or promotion.

However -- if you simply setup your website to accept credit cards, but do not properly apply the advantages and strategies that credit cards offer, you will be wasting the incredible opportunity at your fingertips.

My name is David Goodale, CEO here at Merchant I have personally helped hundreds of Canadian and international based businesses make the transition to implementing credit card transactions on their website. In doing so I've seen many small start-up companies grow into thriving businesses.

I am going to jump straight to the point when I tell you that:

You have the potential to increase your sales up to 400% or more -- virtually overnight!

Your success is limited only by your ability to properly apply the strategies and techniques that credit card acceptance offers.

It is true that some merchants have had increases in sales of over 400% -- virtually overnight. This, of course, does not happen to every business owner. However, every business owner will see a nearly immediate and positive impact after implementing a credit card processing solution on their website. The success you will achieve depends on your ability to capitalize on the advantages that e-commerce has to offer.

Before doing anything it is absolutely critical that you first understand WHY it is so important to accept credit cards.

If you do not know exactly why it is vitally important to accept credit cards, then how can you possibly apply all the strategies and techniques needed to maximize your sales?

Lets proceed to part one:   Learn why credit cards increase sales, and how to apply this knowledge to maximize your profits.