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Add an Invoice Payment Page to Your Website

How Does It Work?

EasyInvoice is a payment form that you can add to your website. It is stripped down to be the most simple and easy to use payment page possible. Your customers go to this page to submit a payment by credit card. It only asks the customer two questions:

  1. How much money are they paying
  2. If there is an invoice or reference number they want to include for the transaction

When a customer submits a payment you'll get an email notification telling you the customer name, how much they paid, and the reference number they typed in for the transaction. You receive the funds immediately. If you can't believe it's that easy then check out the demo. Any time you want someone to submit a payment just give them the link to your payment page. You don't need to do anything special at all. It really is that simple!

Try the Demo

We have created a simple demo so that you can try out a test payment and see how the service works for yourself.

EasyInvoice is Free

Adding a payment payment page to your website is completely free. You use the code generator to generate a snippet of HTML code. Paste it on your website and you are done. Even though it's just a simple copy and paste job, if you don't want to do it yourself we'll create the payment page for you and host it on our server for free.

It's also worth noting that if you don't want the customer to submit payments online but prefer to take orders over the phone and key them in yourself you could look at our virtual terminal solution.

EasyInvoice Is Secure

EasyInvoice has been specifically designed so that the payment server directly handles all of the sensitive credit card information. You will never touch, see or store credit card information.

The only part that you collect on your website is the customer name, the amount, and the order reference number. All of the sensitive information is collected when the customer is seamlessly forwarded to the secure payment gateway. This all happens automatically (no programming needed). The customer cannot tell they've temporarily left your website. As soon as a payment is submitted you get the funds and a payment notification by email with a reference number for the transaction, but your systems didn't touch any sensitive cardholder data whatsoever during the process.

How Do I Get Started?

The first step is to be approved for your merchant account. Once approved, you can use the code generator below to create the code snippet for your website.

Code Generator

1)  Once you have been approved for your merchant account you can type your StoreKey into the form below to generate the code snippet for your website. Copy the snippet and paste it into your website using a text or HTML editor.

2)   You'll see a small link to Merchant displayed below the payment form when it's added to your website. You don't have to keep it there but we ask that you do. EasyInvoice is free for all our customers, we just ask for a little link in return!

Your StoreKey:
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Copy Code Below This Line

Copy Code Above This Line

Highlight the text in between the above lines with your mouse, right click and choose "Copy". Be sure to copy all of the code or it may not work. Now open your web page in a text or HTML editor and paste the code into your page. Save it, and upload to your server. That's it! You have a fully working invoice payment page.

Contact us if you need assistance adding the online invoice form to your website.