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Our Company Story

Merchant is a proudly Canadian merchant services provider based in Burlington, Ontario. To learn more about our company history see below, or learn why you should choose Merchant

Company Overview

Merchant is one of Canada's longest established and most highly respected providers of e-commerce credit card processing. We have been helping businesses to accept credit cards online in every major currency from around the world for over 23 years. Our expertise within the field of multi-currency e-commerce payments is unmatched within Canada.

Although we have a rich history of working with both small and large Canadian businesses, our customer base extends beyond the Canadian border. We work with merchants in countries around the world including the USA, England, Australia, Switzerland, Japan and Germany. At Merchant we understand the global e-commerce marketplace.

The company has been in operation since January 10, 2001. Although the payments industry has evolved tremendously over our 23 years in operation, our goal remains the same and our mission statement intact:

Mission Statement

"To continue providing the Canadian and international marketplace with the most inexpensive and easily established merchant accounts available, always with honest and transparent pricing, while maintaining the customer-centric focus that has helped each of our clients achieve the highest possible level of success."

Helping Your Business Succeed

For large businesses with a strong credit card processing history we are able to focus on providing extremely robust, lost cost transaction processing in any major payment currency worldwide.

For start-ups and businesses that are new to e-commerce we are able to help facilitate a smooth transition into establishing an effective e-commerce presence. You will receive the support and technology needed to enable secure online payments via the web, which are a critical component when implementing a secure and effective website that will gain your organization a firm foothold in the global e-commerce marketplace.

For businesses that require a traditional countertop or retail payment system, we are able to deliver reliable and secure POS payment solutions, while lowering day to day merchant operating costs. This includes solutions for both countertop and wireless POS payments.

Through key strategic partnerships with a large network of Canadian and international banks and financial institutions, we are able to provide our clients with access to the most easily established merchant accounts in the industry, in every major global currency, while maintaining the highest possible level of service.

We are continually seeking out new business alliances with banks, financial institutions, and other e-commerce related companies so that we are able to bring our clients the latest technological and financial advantages possible. This ensures that our clients have the best rates, and the most powerful, secure and effective e-commerce solutions available.

We pride ourselves on being a customer service oriented company. Every customer that applies for a merchant account will work with the same agent for the lifetime of the account. We know our clients by name and understand the needs of their business. We encourage prospective customers to contact us with any questions about Merchant, this website, or the services that we offer.

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Contact Information

4200 Morris Drive, Unit C
Burlington, Ontario
L7L 5L6

Toll Free: (888) 414-7111
Local: (905) 901-2254


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