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  • Important information about your merchant account - before you apply
          Article by David Goodale on how to secure the lowest rates possible for your account.
            - Article page 1
            - Article page 2
            - Article page 3
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  • Internet payments
          Description of our e-commerce payment processing services.

  • Multi-currency processing
          Supported processing currencies, as well as interchange and cross border fee optimization services.

  • Virtual terminal payments
          Use the virtual terminal to process credit cards using your computer, iPhone or BlackBerry .

  • Pricing schedule.
          Pricing chart and detailed rate information.

  • Interchange Optimization.
          Interchange optimization - how it works and what you need to know.

  • Pre-Application checklist
          A list of the critical questions that you must ask before choosing your account provider.

  • Frequently asked questions
          The most common questions and answers
            - General questions
            - Financial questions
            - Internet payments FAQ
            - POS FAQ
            - Virtual terminal FAQ

  • Featured Clients
          Featured client of the month.

  • Compatible shopping carts
          A list of compatible shopping carts with detailed information on preferred carts.

  • Website integration information
          How to integrate your website into the payment gateway for payment processing.

  • Contact us
          Company contact information.

  • Company information
          Company background and mission statement.

  • Application Form
          Online merchant account application form.

  • Merchant news, videos & blog
          Merchant news, e-commerce discussion and customer questions.
              - About David Goodale, company founder at
              - How to avoid credit card data and make PCI compliance easier
              - How to get approved to process high value transactions
              - How to choose CRM software for an e-commerce business
              - How to setup credit card processing (and what to know before applying)
              - How to choose and work with your web development agency for a better e-commerce website.
              - osCommerce: Version 4: re-building the classic open source e-commerce platform
              - What To Do If PayPal Freezes Your Funds?
              - Lower Processing Costs with Recurring Interchange
              - Using 3DSecure (version 2) to protect your business from chargebacks
              - What is a void, and why is it better than a refund?
              - How to Negotiate Lower Credit Card Processing Rates
              - The importance of trust in technology, sales and relationships
              - Why is it difficult for airlines and travel businesses to get approved for payment processing?
              - What is a chargeback?
              - What to do if you start getting too many chargebacks because of credit card fraud
              - The difference between advertising, marketing and sales. How to win the customer buying journey
              - What is shopping cart software for e-commerce?
              - The Journey: From realtor to podcaster, to e-commerce entrepreneur
              - How to use low code solutions to build complex e-commerce websites quickly, and on a tight budget
              - What is a merchant account?
              - What to do when you lose a chargeback?
              - Design is incredibly important for e-commerce in 2021. Why is it so often overlooked?
              - E-commerce Vlogcast #1: Starting an e-commerce business in 2021
              - Why do international e-commerce transactions get declined?
              - The difference between a merchant account, payment gateway and payment processor.
              - Using video to spot and stop credit card fraud.
              - What is a discount rate in the credit card processing industry?
              - The best payment processing options in Canada depending on your business type.
              - Understanding future delivery risk in the credit card processing industry
              - What are credit card assessment fees or brand fees?
              - Visa and Mastercard interchange pricing update in 2020
              - PCI Compliance: What merchants need to know
              - How much does credit card processing cost?
              - Everything to know about multi-currency payment processing
              - When is a virtual terminal is less expensive than a POS machine?
              - Shopping cart software roundup: ShopFactory Review
              - Interchange update: Mastercard cross border fee increase in November 2018
              - What is credit card tokenization and how does it work?
              - New Mastercard interchange pricing as of November 1st, 2017.
              - Merchants: How to fight back against credit card processing rate increases
              - How to process credit cards in US currency and receive your deposit in USD
              - Airline Credit Card Processing - How to Get Merchant Services Without Requiring Large Security Reserves
              - Demystifying e-commerce vlog series: The components of an e-commerce transaction.
              - How to address customer complaints stemming from international transaction fees
              - The difference between qualified/non-qualified and interchange plus pricing
              - What is Visa Checkout?
              - How to cancel an unfair credit card processing agreement
              - Techniques to use when renegotiating for lower credit card processing rates
              - Interchange Plus Pricing.
              - An explanation of cross border fees, how much they cost, and what causes them to occur.
              - 7 common misconceptions about establishing a merchant account.
              - Understanding credit card pre-authorizations.
              - Volusion review.
              - How to choose the right shopping cart software.
              - VP-ASP shopping cart review.
              - How to get approved for a merchant account if you operate a business in the travel industry.
              - Understanding discount rates.
              - How product risk impacts the approval of your merchant account application.
              - merchant interview.
              - FoxyCart review.
              - interview.
              - 3dCart review.
              - Merchant profile and discussion with CMS Intelligence.
              - Why Paypal and other payment aggregators often freeze user accounts.
              - Merchant profile and discussion with Cora from Ethiopiaid.
              - How to waive your monthly fee.
              - Shopify review.
              - How to analyze a credit card processing statement.
              - What is a monthly minimum MDR fee?
              - We review Big Commerce shopping cart software.
              - What is interchange, and why is it important?
              - The challenge of mobile credit card payments in Canada
              - Security Reserves: Why they exist and how to eliminate them
              - Canadian merchants can now take AMEX payments in USD
              - 10 years as Canada's leading merchant account provider.

  • Partner program information
          Information about the Merchant partner program.

  • Privacy policy
          Information regarding the Merchant privacy statement.

  • Sitemap
          Sitemap with links to all pages of the Merchant website.