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Generate Lifetime Customers

Most online merchants do not realize that their existing customer base is literally a goldmine of potential sales, just waiting to be utilized.

When a merchant ignores their existing customer base, it is a mistake that costs them thousands of dollars in lost sales.

Statistics clearly show it is many times easier to turn existing customers into repeat buyers, than it is to turn cold prospects into new customers. Repeat sales are the easiest sales you can possibly make. All the trust issues have already been overcome, and you already know that these customers are ready, willing, and able to buy from you.

By using the advantages and strategies that credit card acceptance offers, you can build up your customer base, and then use it to generate tremendous profits through repeat sales.

Don't Let Your Competitors Steal Your Customers

You absolutely must not let your customer slip through your fingers! Once your customer has shopped with a competitor it is very difficult to win them back.

If your customers leave your site to shop with a competitor because they have a better payment system, you are not losing just one sale. You are losing a lifetime of sales because they are becoming lifetime customers for your competitor.

Remove the Customers Fear Of Buying

The only thing your customers have to go by to determine the amount of trust they can place in your business is what they can see on their screen. You must realize - gaining the trust of your website visitors is the biggest hurdle you must overcome when selling on the internet. That is why repeat sales are the easiest sales you can possibly make -- because your customers already trust you.

The first time through, your customer does not yet know you, and does not yet trust you. There are several techniques you can utilize to help gain the trust of your website visitors, including: a clean and professional website design, free and helpful information, customer testimonials, etc...

However, absolutely nothing compares to the instant credibility and trust gained when the customer sees that you accept credit cards online. Properly implemented, it is the instant solution to overcoming your customer's fear of buying.

I cannot remember who said this, but a savvy internet marketer once said: "Most shoppers will buy online when marketers are able to overcome the customers lack of trust."

It is a simple, and completely true statement. When you accept credit cards, your customers will know that you operate a real business, and not a fly-by-night operation. It will work wonders for removing your customer's fear of buying. Ultimately, removing that fear is what will drive the user through to complete the purchase process.