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Lifetime Commissions for Each Account You Refer

Provide your clients with access to a feature rich, secure processing solution.

We take a different approach to working with industry partners. We do not have a template or affiliate program type of partner commission structure. Instead, we invest significant resources into supporting selected partners.

If you have merchants that require a processing solution, we would like to work with your organization with a tailor built program that addresses your requirements in terms of referral compensation and merchant support.

ISO's and Referral Partners:

You Determine The Commission Structure

We can structure the compensation based upon your request with a focus on either upfront referral fees for simple referral partners, and ongoing residuals for agents and ISO's.

For web development and referral type partners we will pay significant upfront referral fees for each merchant (up to 100% of upfront fees collected can be paid to partner).

For strategic industry partners we will provide a true split of processing residuals based upon merchant processing volumes. As a partner you may be able to have the ability to develop your own customized pricing and take advantage of other cross-promotional marketing opportunities.

Get in touch with us and tell us about your business. We will work closely with you to build a highly profitable, mutually beneficial partnership while providing a rewarding experience for every merchant you refer.

Specialized Support for US and International ISO's that require a Canadian Payments Solution.

Canada is very specialized territory within the payment industry. We have a history of success working with US based processors and ISO's that require a solution for Canadian based merchants.

Out core area of expertise is international and multi-currency online payments. We can provide merchants the ability to process in multiple currencies such as CAD, USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, JPY, etc. If you require a payment processing solution for Canadian based merchants we will be well suited to help you.

Partner Applications

Every partner is assigned a dedicated account manager. Contact us to discuss your requirements. The partner channel at Merchant is managed by David Goodale:

David Goodale
888-414-7111 ext. 5