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Provide Your Own In-House Payment Processing Service

Do you offer e-commerce software, or operate an e-commerce focused web development agency? Become a Mini-Processor and include payment processing as a part of your service offering.

Huge income, zero hassle

We take away the hassle and complexity

We empower e-commerce service providers, such as shopping cart software platforms, to incorporate payment processing as a 'built-in' or included part of your software. Service businesses, such as web development agencies can include payment processing as part of the services you provide your clients.

You'll earn 50% of the net income from the payment processing activities of your clients. We handle all merchant support and servicing. Setup, live transaction processing, merchant funding, and all support queries are handled by our team so that you can focus on your business.

Lifetime commissions for each account you refer

These are your customers. They are to remain your customers. For as long as each customer conducts processing on the Mini-Processor platform, you'll continue to earn 50% of all net revenue earned each month.

How do you become your own payment processor?

How do you become your own payment processor?

We've made it possible to launch your own payment processing service without any overhead costs. It's so easy that you can be live within several days. Most importantly, you don't touch merchant funds, are not involved in any financial transactions, and carry no chargeback liability.

The process starts by focusing a much better experience for your end customer, in two specific ways:

1. By making it easier for them to establish payment processing. This is done through our referral API's, or can be done through a simple email referral if you prefer.

2. By lowering their processing costs. Each merchant can receive customized pricing available only to your clients, and special lower rates can be quoted for merchants that process higher transaction volumes.

Offering your own payment processing service isn't just a revenue opportunity, but an opportunity to integrate payments more tightly into your software. For example, you could incorporate transaction information (such as order or funding status) into your system. Although this is not required, it's certainly possible and is not something most e-commerce platforms are capable of. This may give you an advantage over many competing software platforms and service providers.

Excellent support leads to a great customer experience.

Excellent support and a great experience for your customers

Your customer gets access to a one-stop solution for e-commerce. In a normal scenario the business owner has many separate vendors for different aspects related to the service. (A shopping cart software provider, a payment gateway, a merchant services provider). This can be difficult for them to administrate, adds costs, and certainly increases complexity.

By bringing all aspects related to e-commerce under one roof, the merchant gets excellent accountability between close working partners. This means that any time an issue arises there is high quality support to lend a hand. It is a better overall experience, and a win for everyone involved.

Everything you need, but without the complexity or financial risks

A partnership that helps remove the risks to your business.

We asked our partners about the roadblocks that have prevented them from offering a payment processing service already. The answers were often similar: you want to incorporate payment processing into your service offering, but are worried about complexity, financial licenses and legal liability.

Our Mini-Processor program is structured so that the merchant agreement, funding, and all aspects of the transaction are handled directly between the merchant and the payment processor. This is very clearly laid out to the merchant during the onboarding, and in the agreements they complete. This means there is no touching of funds, no headaches, and ultimately you don't have to worry about any of these aspects of the service.

However, from a partnership and marketing perspective you can incorporate the service however closely you'd like into your marketing materials. It can be white-labelled, it can be a co-branded partnership - it can be anything you want. You choose how to incorporate it into your service offering, in whatever way you feel is best. No matter what happens, you won't handle money and won't become a financial services company.

You're able to effectively launch your own Mini-Processor, but with an absolute minimum of complexity, technical overhead, and without touching merchant funds.

Brand it your own? Or a strategic partnership?

You control the messaging. Do you want to brand it wholly your own? ("We are pleased to announce our new payment processing service"). Do you want to present it as a corporate partnership? ("We have launched payment processing in conjunction with"). Or do you prefer to keep your name out of it? ("We have partnered with to provide our clients with a built-in payment processing solution"). We are here to help you support he message that you want to deliver, and ultimately give your customers a great processing experience.

It is easy to get started.

How can it be that easy to get started?

There is zero complexity because you simply send the clients contact information to us. This can be done several different ways. It could be as simple as emailing us the each merchants contact information as they want to sign up. Or, it could be integrated right into your software. There is an API that lets you pass the merchant information directly to our system for onboarding. The process can be as simple, or as automated, as you choose.

The heavy lifting is handled by us.

Administratively, once you've provided contact information your job is done. We'll say that again: send us the merchant contact info, and your job is done. We handle every aspect from setup, to maintenance, ongoing support, funding, and every servicing related aspect of the account.

Contact us to learn how to partner with

Want to learn more?

A true partnership works when both parties succeed together. We want to help you deploy the most compelling payment processing solution possible.

Questions? We want to hear from you, so contact us with your questions, comments, and tell us about your ideal Mini-Processor solution.

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