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June 1, 2012
by David Goodale

CMS Intelligence

Merchant Profile and Discussion with CMS Intelligence

I recently spoke with Don Cormier at CMS Intelligence. CMS Intelligence offers a revolutionary content management system that appeals to businesses of all sizes. Don tells us more about their business, and their experience with setting up a payment processing system.

David: Hi Don, thanks for taking a bit of time. Tell me about the CMS system.

Don: CMSIntelligence offers the world's first evolving technology platform for supporting websites. Put simply is the most user-friendly content management system (CMS) in the world.

David: That sounds like a very interesting project to be working on. What do you mean by it is an "evolving technology platform"?

Don: Well, are you familiar with traditional content management systems? Generally a lot of these things have to be uploaded to web servers and then installed. Occasionally updates and security patches have to be implemented after the fact. These kind of things happen frequently if it is a good content management system. However, the next level of "good" is always "better" or "the best". That's where we come in, our content management system evolves without any effort by our resellers or their customers. Our system takes complete care of all these things for them. One day you login to manage content on your website and you may notice something like it's working faster or new features have been added or modules have been improved. There is no download, upload, or anything required by the owner of the website. Their job is simply to make use of our ever evolving, super user-friendly content management system. In short, it's a highly advanced content management system that grows alongside of the businesses that take advantage of this kind of technology. We just call it "CMSIntelligence" because lets face it, you don't have to be a genius to recognize intelligence.

David: Why did you choose Merchant

Don: We chose for a few reasons. First, we wanted the best in reliability, and also a market competitive cost structure. We also found out they have an effective registration and support team that helped us to complete all the required paperwork and get our software integrated. Another reason was we're associated with another company that suggested Merchant due to the positive experience they had just a few years ago.

David: Word of mouth referrals are always the best! Did you find the process of setting up the account lived up to your expectation? What was your experience like during the setup process?

Don: The people at Merchant not only provided us with an incredibly effective payment processing system, but I would also have to say they are among the most effective team of service providers we've seen in a while.

David: Thanks Don, I'm glad to hear it. In terms of complexity some merchants are surprised there is an application process at all. Don't worry, I won't hijack this into a conversation about merchant industry risk. I am curious though if you found the process hard or easy to complete?

Don: Though setting up these kinds of services are genuinely time-consuming we found Merchant's timeframe to be reasonable.

David: If I can some day figure out how to automate the KYC (know your customer) checks I will. I think when I dream at night I picture merchant account applications as blank sheets of paper, the merchant draws an "X" in the middle and they are approved. =) In the meantime, we do our best to make it easy for the merchants while making sure that all of the mandated security and anti-fraud checks are carried out.

Let's talk about your payment system. How are you taking your payments? Strictly online, or do you also take orders over the phone as well?

Don: Our business (being software based) is purely e-Commerce driven.

David: Did you use a pre-existing cart, or did you build your own integration?

Don: We chose to build our own system because as a company with web development roots it was very easy for us to do this. Also, as a side benefit to this our website integrates completely seamlessly into the payment gateway.

David: What were the biggest concerns you had before getting started implementing your payments solution?

Don: We needed something that was simple to implement but effective. We wanted to minimize the implementation time and costs that are normally involved in these kinds of solutions. For this reason we used the redirect method of integration so that we never actually have to capture, touch or store any sensitive cardholder data on our own webserver.

David: Any advice for folks out there that are looking for a payments solution? Or, just general thoughts or comments about operating a business with an online presence?

Don: Well, if someone is considering an e-commerce approach for your online business, it's my opinion that Merchant can help. For us it was a fast, effective and secure solution. Especially for small businesses and folks new to e-commerce it is a great way to establish an Internet presence with an e-commerce transaction processing component.

David: Thanks for the kind comments Don and for taking the time to let us do a profile of your business. You have a very nice website by the way!

Anyone wanting to find out more about CMS Intelligence and the CMS platform you an find out more at
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