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Canada's POS Solution

Canadian merchants receive everything needed to accept credit card and debit payments in a retail storefront setting. This includes the POS machine and merchant account. For merchants that must process payments from the road we also have a range of mobile POS solutions to choose from.

You Own the Hardware - No Lease or Rental Fees

We are one of the only Canadian processors which provide POS hardware at cost to clients. There are no lease or rental fees for the hardware. You own the machine, and it comes with 24 hour emergency replacement should your machine ever need servicing.

Pay Bank Cost When Processing Transactions

If you have ever looked at the rate you are currently paying and wondered if it is a good value then you are not alone. We have eliminated this problem by providing our customers pricing that is based on true Interchange cost. The term "Interchange" refers to the cost the processor must pay to Visa and MasterCard when processing a transaction. In other words, Interchange is the bank cost when processing a transaction. (Which is about 1.6%). With Merchant your rate is based on the true bank cost for each transaction processed, completely eliminating the complicated pricing tiers and non-qualified charges that are common within the industry.

The way that it works is that we start with the Interchange cost for each transaction processed. We then take this cost and add on a clearly defined surcharge as our service fee for processing the transaction. This is the exact amount that you pay, and it really is that simple. When you receive your quotation your account representative will help you understand the Interchange cost and the surcharge so you will know exactly how much you will be paying.

This does more than reduce rates, it provides pricing transparency and gives merchants firm and long term control over costs. You can be confident of the value you are receiving. It is a refreshing change for business owners that have long been confused by their processing statement. When working with Merchant you will find that integrity is not just important to us - it is mission critical. We don't just promise lower rates, we deliver by providing pricing that is based on the true transaction cost.

Emergency Replacement of your POS Machine

If your credit card machine goes down, your business goes down with it. That is why we sell Ingenico POS hardware. Ingenico POS systems are among most durable and popular in the industry.

The Ingenico machines are workhorse units that are built to last for years, through tens of thousands of hours of use. Unfortunately, even with the best engineering and products in the industry, the reality is that no machine is indestructible. That is why emergency unit replacement is something that all business owners have to take time to think about.

When an accident or failure causes your machine to go down every second counts. We understand how critical credit card payments are to your business. That is why we include lifetime 24 hour emergency replacement.

For as long as you do business with us, no matter the reason, if you have a problem with your machine we will have a new one on your doorstep the next day. The replacement is provided at no additional charge. It provides tremendous reassurance to know that you can count on us to keep your business up and processing.

Fast and Easy Approval of Your Application

Applying for your merchant account is easy. We have one of the quickest approval timeframes and highest approval ratings in the industry.

No processor can guarantee approval of every single application, but what we can do is guarantee that you will be quickly approved or you will receive an immediate refund of the setup fee. Unlike other processors, we don't believe it's fair to charge a setup fee if your application is not approved and can't use the service.

It's also important to note that we boast an approval rate of over 98% of submitted applications. This is one of the highest approval ratings in the industry and is attributed to our merchant friendly application process. You can complete the paperwork within 10 minutes and expect to receive approval within 5 business days of submitting your completed application. The POS hardware is delivered by courier 2 business days following approval.

Flexible reporting

One of the advantages of our service is that we are able to provide several methods of reporting. It is still common in the industry to provide paper based reports. While we provide the standard paper based reports, we also provide access to our online, real time reporting solution. Why waste time and trees when your reports can be downloaded immediately, for direct import into your bookkeeping or accounting software?

Monthly paper based statements are also available for merchants that prefer hard copy statements.