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Merchant - Website Re-launch Contest

December 6, 2011
by David Goodale

After several months of concepts, iterations and testing we have finally launched the new version of This is the fourth version of the Merchant website since the original launch in January 2001.

CONTEST: Find an Error? We'll Pay For Your Application!

With a major website re-launch it's inevitable that there will be some small errors and oversights. (We are human after all!). We've completed several weeks of pre-launch testing and have caught and repaired every error we could find.

If we have missed something, and you can catch it and point it out, we will pay for your merchant account application. If you find 3 errors we will waive the first 3 months worth of monthly fees for your account. If you find 5 errors we will waive half a half years worth of monthly fees for your account.

The Requirements:

1) The error must actually exist.

2) The error can't be a problem outside of our control (page won't load due to a problem with your internet connection, etc)

3) You must provide us a description of the error and we must be able to spot or replicate the problem.

The error can be anything related to our website. A spelling mistake, broken link, malfunctioning application form - anything at all.

Have you found an error?

If you have any questions about the contest, general feedback about the website, or if you think you've found an error don't hesitate to contact us:

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